M&A / Joint Ventures

  • Party-appointed coarbitrator in a dispute under the rules of the Milan Arbitral Chamber in a dispute between a U.S. industrial company and Italian private equity fund concerning representations and warranties in the purchase of a portfolio of European companies; preliminary hearing held, negotiated settlement by the parties (June 2019).
  • Sole arbitrator under AAA Rules in a dispute between an English publishing house buyer of a New York-based publishing company (English governing law); outcome was a negotiated settlement following exchange of memorials (Aug. 2017).
  • Member of a panel under the ICDR rules in a dispute between a French purchaser and a Korean seller relating to the sale of an industrial enterprise and alleged breaches of representations and warranties in the Purchase and Sale Agreement; evidentiary hearings held; reasoned award delivered (June 2015);
  • A sole arbitrator in an ICDR case involving claims of a U.S. distributor against an Italian joint venture partner in the luxury goods (travel) business; evidentiary hearings held; delivered reasoned award (Jan. 2010).
  • A co-arbitrator in a case under ICC Rules involving post-closing dispute in an acquisition by a German company of a Hong Kong company;  participated in drafting of interim and final reasoned awards (2004);

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