• Sole arbitrator under ICDR rules in a claim by a petroleum products trader against a Mexican guarantor of a storage facility operator’s obligations; preliminary hearing held; document disclosure proceeding.
  • Sole arbitrator under AAA rules in a claim by a renewable energy equipment supplier to enforce personal guarantees for unpaid items supplied to an insolvent purchaser; preliminary hearing held; rulings on document disclosure disputes and motion to join non-party; evidentiary hearing pending. 
  • Sole arbitrator under AAA rules in a demand by a New York-based community solar developer against an aggregator of customers with regard to the quality of accounts delivered; preliminary hearing held, rulings on document disclosure disputes; negotiated settlement (June 2022).
  •  A sole arbitrator in a dispute under the ICC Commercial Arbitration Rules between a U.S. oil fields services company and a staffing contractor (Texas law); terms of reference executed, hearing on dispositive motion held; negotiated settlement reached by parties (Jan. 2018).
  • Sole arbitrator in a dispute under AAA Commercial Rules between a petroleum company and a terminal and pipeline operator over nominations of product under a throughput agreement; oral hearings held in July 2017, post-hearing legal arguments held (Sept. 2017); reasoned award delivered (Oct. 2017). 
  • Party-appointed co-arbitrator in an ad hoc proceeding initiated by a U.S based solar power developer against a Caribbean basin state power authority with respect to disputed utility-scale solar projects; five-days of oral hearings held Dec. 2016, proceedings suspended due to insolvency of Respondent and resumed Fall 2017; reasoned award delivered (Feb. 2018).
  • Sole arbitrator in a dispute under AAA Expedited Procedures between an engineering consultant and a public housing project related to services performed on a planned solar installation;  Appointed Jan. 2016; delivered partially reasoned award (Feb. 2016).
  • A sole arbitrator under the AAA's Construction Arbitration Rules (Large Complex Cases) in a dispute between an installer of commercial solar projects and a sponsor of several projects in New Jersey; evidentiary hearings held; delivered reasoned award (Apr. 2014).
  • A member of a panel under the AAA rules in a dispute between a developer of solar projects and the host site of the solar facility; participated in drafting of reasoned interim and final awards
  • A member of a panel under the ICDR rules in a dispute relating to the supply of  photovoltaic modules from an Asian manufacturer to a series of commercial solar projects being installed by a U.S. developer; outcome was party-negotiated settlement on eve of oral hearings (Dec. 2013).

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