Commercial Transactions

  • Sole arbitrator under AAA rules regarding a dispute between a purchaser of COVID-related medical protection equipment and a seller; zoom evidentiary hearing; reasoned award delivered (Dec. 2021).

  • Sole arbitrator under AAA rules in a claim by a personal services provider against a non-paying client; standard award delivered (Aug. 2021).

  • Sole arbitrator under ICDR Rules in a dispute between a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and its sales agent in Quebec over post-termination commission rights; preliminary hearing held, rulings on document disclosure disputes; admintrative suspension of case (Nov. 2021).

  • Sole arbitrator under ICC Rules in a dispute between a health supplements supplier and its distributor regarding unpaid purchases and claimed failure of distributor to meet minimum purchase requirements under distribution agreement; reviewed submissions from claimant; delivered reasoned default award in view of Respondent's non-participation (Aug. 2019).

  • Sole arbitrator under ICDR Rules in a dispute between a concessionaire and the owner of a luxury resort in the Caribbean over revenue sharing and termination of services agreement (governed by host country commonwealth law); partial award delivered on motion by Respondent to dismiss two of four claims; balance of case settled by parties on eve of evidentiary hearings (Jan. 2018);

  • Sole arbitrator under ICDR Rules in a claim by a U.S. based manufacturer against a Taiwanese supplier for indemnification of damages paid due to an allegedly defective product failure subject to a products liability claim; evidentiary hearing held, reasoned award delivered (Jan. 2018);

  • Co-arbitrator under LCIA rules in a contractual dispute (governed by English law) between a Gulf State supplier of aluminum products and a Middle Eastern purchaser;  oral hearing held in London (Apr. 2017), reasoned award delivered;
  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute under ICDR rules between a US consumer products company and a Chinese supplier over production of goods in China and related molds and tooling; default award based on claimant's submissions delivered (Mar. 2016).
  • Sole arbitrator under ICDR Rules in a claim brought by a Vietnamese garment manufacturer against a U.S. based purchaser of goods; preliminary conference held and document disclosure completed prior to administrative termination.
  • Party-appointed co-arbitrator in a dispute under LCIA rules relating to an alleged breach of a petroleum and biofuels commodity supply agreement.

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